RCG’s in-house technical capacity and experience is complemented by our roster of core associates and affiliates. Specialist associates and consultants are selected based on quality, work ethic and track-record within RCG’s specific fields of interest.

We are dedicated to quality in all aspects of our relationships and operations. Read more about RCG's commitment to quality.

RCG also runs a small Dignity Fund, supported by contributions from staff and consultants. This aims to support activities that make an immediate difference to people’s lives.

The Research Communications Group (RCG) was established in December 2007 and is located in Wellington, New Zealand. Over the past nine years, we have undertaken assignments for multiple clients in Northern Europe, the Balkans, Caucasus, China, Southeast Asia, Melanesia, the Middle East and Africa (see client list).

RCG frequently forms partnerships with local and international organisations to draw on local knowledge, create opportunities for mutual skills sharing, and develop responses that require complementary experience or competencies. Since inception, we have built a global network of institutions and affiliates.