Piloting a behavioural approach to TIP prevention

At the request of the Royal Government of Cambodia, RCG Director Phil Marshall designed and delivered a pilot workshop in late 2011 on using behavioural theory to design and evaluate trafficking prevention programmes. The workshop arose from discussions in earlier ADB-supported workshops highlighting that trafficking prevention ultimately requires changing the behaviour of at least one of the following groups: potential victims, exploiters, policy makers, programme implementers and consumers. Based on this insight, the Cambodian workshop highlighted key behavioural concepts and lessons from other fields. Participants then discussed these concepts and were able to apply them effectively to increase clarity and focus in planning prevention interventions.

Although the workshop allowed limited time to take these ideas forward, the results appeared promising and have been written up into a SIREN report in partnership with ADB and UNIAP. Download the report COMMIT Rethinking Trafficking Prevention

Location: Cambodia

Donor: UNDP/UNIAP and Sommaly Mam Foundation

Photo: Vichheka Huot