Review and design of Australian assistance to the occupied Palestinian Territories

Since 2009, the Australian government has worked with Australian and Palestinian NGO partners through the Australian Middle East NGO Cooperation Agreement program to improve livelihoods to reduce the social-economic vulnerability of the Palestinian people with a priority focus on women, youth and farmers. In September 2014, RCG Director Scott Rankin was contracted by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs to undertake a program level review of this multi-faceted, $35 million effort. The review required work with the four implementing contractors and their collective civil society, private sector and social enterprise partners.

The purpose of the review was to perform an overall quality and performance check of the overall program through a process of data review, key informant interviews and field visits aimed at validating key aspects of the progress reported through the Program’s monitoring and evaluation system. A core recommendation of the review was for a follow up program to be designed, building on the many successes observed in the current program.

In January 2015, RCG was asked by DFAT to lead a design mission for a new civil society, agriculture focused program. Led again by RCG Director Scott Rankin, a design team was mobilised comprising staff from DFAT, the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture and a gender consultant. This program will soon go to tender, with plans for commencement during the third quarter of 2015.

Location: Palestinian Territories

Donor: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)